Sunday, September 30, 2012


In response to a Comment to the Post Script Post, an Anonymous Commentator wrote something that must be acknowledged:

Last anonymous: there are still good people there. Don't denigrate everyone; lots of good, dedicated and federation-centric work being done and being appreciated by our communities. Don't through everything out just because there is enmity against some of the leadership. 
While I reject the suggestion that the Commentator makes that the person to whom he/she is responding (or anyone associated with this Blog) has "enmity against some of the leadership" (look up the definition at your convenience), I certainly agree with the balance of this Comment -- I know that all of us agree that there are some great professionals at JFNA striving to do great work of direct benefit to our federations. 

The problem is that these pros are swimming upstream against a tide of irrelevant programs for such minimal benefit to the federations as to be beyond measure or rational thought. I feel for them.


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Anonymous said...

Richard, though you have written them before, please reiterate which programs you feel would be of benefit to the federations that are not being done now by JFNA. This would be helpful to those of us who aren't familiar and maybe could be helpful to some who can do something about it.