Monday, October 1, 2012


One Anonymous Commentator wrote, in response to P.S. to a Post Script:

Richard, though you have written them before, please reiterate which programs you feel would be of benefit to the federations that are not being done now by JFNA. This would be helpful to those of us who aren't familiar and maybe could be helpful to some who can do something about it.

So, seeing as you asked:

  1. Bring together JFNA's Board, federation leaders all, and have a discussion about JFNA's purposes
  2. As a significant number of federations when surveyed had already articulated that their greatest "want" from JFNA was enhanced FRD assistance, reinvigorate the organization's FRD functions
  3. Instead of just talking about it, actually implement a robust set of national Missions led by charismatic leaders who will reach out to recruit across the Continent
  4. Actually insist on an independent evaluation of JFNA's services -- from JFNA Global Services to the GA -- and publish the results -- in some instance it will shut the mouths of critics and in others it will result in change
  5. Acknowledge that rebranding is over and dedicate that portion of JFNA's budget to FRD
  6. Stop the waste and chaos that is the Global Planning Table, an effort that is dragging JFNA down, and being to engage in real advocacy for the system' s historic partners
  7. Let's have real consulting services with and for the federations -- a Silverman fly-in doesn't count
And, these are just for starters.

What are your thoughts?

Chag Sukkot sameach.



paul jeser said...

Suggested addition to your list:

Bring together former YLC leaders, especially those not now involved in the Fed system, for their input.

Anonymous said...

JAFI makes JFNA look like Apple. Find some objectivity!

Anonymous said...

A comment on advocacy: A valid coin has two sides. The flip side of advocacy is doing all it takes to ensure that the deliverables of our historic partners meet the highest expectations and wants of Federations and our donors. Perhaps the old UJA in their budgeting process once did so (though there is, in my estimation and those of others, a bit of myth to that assertion). In a true partnership each helps the other be all they can be.