Thursday, October 25, 2012


What's to become of us?

  • We reported  that JFNA's Chair demanded that the word "Zionism" never appear in a Global Planning Table Report -- "too controversial." Got that: "Zionism":"too controversial." More like JFNA: too stupid.
  • Where are the checks and balances? How do we have a consultant contract for close to $400,000 with no lay review?
  • Speaking of checks and balances. Isn't David Butler, a terrific leader in his federation, the Chair of the Global Planning Table? What, exactly, are his responsibilities? MC (when Manning permitted)?
  • Why did Joanne Moore resign within one year of her appointment to "run" the GA, "run" the Global Planning Table, take over federation relations, and more? Was it because she wasn't allowed to to do  any of the jobs she was hired to do? Or did she really....really?...just want to return to being a lay leader? Come onto
  • We're spending HOW MUCH on marketing, branding and communications about JFNA...itself?
  • JFNA speaks of how much it cherishes the Jewish Agency and JDC while masking its efforts to deconstruct the core allocations to both through the convoluted GPT.
  • A classic: JFNA's Financial Relations  and Executive Committees approved "hardship" relief in excess of $1 million in the aggregate to a cross-section of communities. At an Executive Committee meeting, one Large City Executive demanded, incessantly and stridently, that one federation, which received wholly appropriate Dues relief, have that relief restored to its Dues because of current campaign success. Might have been a more compelling case, don't you think, had that CEO not led the fight to get his own community a secret Dues reduction of in excess of $500,000 on the same grounds as the community he was now attacking??? Oh...never mind.
Get the new Chairs in place ASAP and then hope...pray...that they bring the CEO in and, in private, demand the truth about the costs and "benefits" of JFNA's purposes and programs. And, then, deal with those facts.



Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that you aren't assuming that the incoming Chairs read your blog..........and therefore that you are sending them this particular post separately.....

RWEX said...

No, I don't believe that the incoming Chairs read the Blog. No doubt warned off even as they are known to have minds...excellent minds...of their own. However, they do know where to reach me should they wish. The advice, of course, will be worth what they pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight if you're going to attack a Federation.
That large city is paying all its dues including back paying dues that were not paid before that Exec took his position.

RWEX said...

This Anonymous commentator may want to rewrite history but he knows full well that he negotiated a reduction in his community's Dues to an amount somewhere between the formula Dues that other communities pay and what his community wanted to pay.

I offer him the chance to write once again stating explicitly what the JFNA Dues formula required to be paid and what his community "agreed" to pay. Then all communities could do the same.

Seems simple.