Thursday, September 27, 2012


I have now been described, in response to the outcry over the "zionism" controversy, as a number of things, none good, including "a JFNA hater." Anyone who knows me or who has been reading the 800 Posts that I have written, knows that it is not JFNA I "hate;" it is how JFNA has been run that I should you.

When JFNA was created, in part through my efforts along with many others, leaders were offered an organization with Vision and purpose. Today, ask the CEO, Board Chair and Chair of the Executive for a statement of purpose and vision and you will receive a blank stare or some vague statement of what JFNA "is not." Ask them for a list of JFNA accomplishments over the past three or, even, six years and not much will be added. What we have is but a shadow of the organizations it replaced -- that was not our intent -- an organization that not only raises almost no funds; it has almost no professional staff to do so; an organization that spends millions on a Global Planning effort so dense and convoluted that it is doomed to failure while spending millions to develop a Rube Goldberg-like "process" that translates into a monumental waste of resources; a national organization of the federations that spends millions to promote its own brand; a leadership that has laid waste to the treasured partnerships with the Jewish Agency and Joint while claiming fealty to both; and a Board just thrilled to be there, leaving their sense of responsibility back home. 

That's what I "hate." 



Not Rwex said...

I have spent a bunch of time reading this blog since it was brought to my attention recently.

I find it remarkable you do not view yourself as a JFNA hater. If you are not a hater, you're certainly close. You posts show a person who is bitter, angry and irritated at JFNA. Exactly how has this organization wronged you?

You offer criticism, but no solution. You like to point out what is wrong, but nothing that is right. What is it exactly that you are attempting to accomplish? It is easy to throw stones and tear things down, but you have not tried to build anything.

What is your agenda? You post here anonymously (unless the world should know who rwex is as if you are Brad Pitt) and tell us that these are your opinions and not associated with any organizations you serve. How could we do that? What organizations do you serve? Who would want someone in the room who has a sole purpose to criticize, but not improve.

It takes courage to have an opinion and stand behind it. It is the sign of a weak mind and a bitter person to do it anonymously. And until you step into the light, I don't feel the need to do so myself.

You should try being part of the solution and not part of the problem.

RWEX said...

Dear "Not,"

While I thank you for reading this Blog, I find at least a couple of your conclusions lacking:

1. I have offered prescriptive solutions to the issues I have identified -- each and every time; and

2. When you write "It takes courage to have an opinion and stand behind it. It is the sign of a weak mind and a bitter person to do it anonymously. And until you step into the light, I don't feel the need to do so myself..." clearly you have failed to observe that I have identified myself since the first Post with an abbreviated bio. NOW, do you wish to identify yourself?

Anonymous said...


Apparently "Not RWEX" doesn't understand that tapping on "RWEX" at the end of each Post will take a reader to your mini-bio.

Anonymous said...

NOT RWEX takes you to task for lack of constructive suggestions. I find that perplexing as you have genorously offered alternative ideas, be they yours or those of others.. I would however observe that such comments do not always elicit requested feedback from your readers - at least not in the public comments section. My suggestion to those who on a regular basis comment to you off line is that they once in a while share their thoughts with your larger audience. The most valid critique of our decision making going back decades is that there always seems to be a meeting before a meeting and other rooms that even those who are very active are excluded from. Long time players know from whence I speak.
A public shana tova to all!

RWEX said...

Thanks for the suggestion

Anonymous said...

Richard Wexler is far from a "hater of JFNA".

He is the closest thing to a patriot that the Federation movement has.

Unlike some other critics of JFNA's actions and policies, Richard's attacks aren't safe and generalized. He chooses his targets well, and he hits them hard.

The fact is that JFNA never feels that it should answer any criticism. JFNA is perfect and can do no wrong. Just ask them.

RWEX said...

Many thanks...and "Not RWEX," now that you know just who I am, I am still waiting for you to disclose who you are...

paul jeser said...

The Moshiach may arrive first!

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sukkot Samayach!