Friday, September 28, 2012


Yes, I've called them Keystone Kops and accused them of driving a Clown Car. But, no more. For weeks I have had my eye on the most incompetent of incompetents in game after game -- from now on, the JFNA leaders are rebranded; from this day forward they are (trumpets please) -- the Replacement Referees...the Replacement Refs

It was only over the past few days that I came to understand the direct and perfect analogy:

  • JFNA leaders entered office over the past six years and even more so over the past 3 with good intentions, no doubt, so did the Replacement Refs; 
  • These JFNA leaders at no time understood the federations any more than the Replacement officials understood the NFL rules;
  • The Federation owners had no collective interest in taking control of an evermore deteriorating organization just as the National Football League owners ignored the impact of the Replacement Refs on their teams, their product..on the integrity of the game.
But, unlike the NFL owners, JFNA just goes on, sewing the seeds of chaos (GPT anyone?) and harvesting the fruits of ill-conceived programs (two Festivi), and the federation owners apparently believe all is well while the NFL team owners finally realized that sticking by the Replacement Referees threatened the value of the NFL franchise. Gosh, just think of it...owners taking action to preserve the franchise. But the federation Owners of JFNA just go on in apparent ignorance of the $700,000,000...that's 700 million dollars... thrown at JFNA in the apparent hope that somehow things will get better.

So, welcome to the Jewish version of the Replacement Referees. Makes you proud.


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