Saturday, September 15, 2012


In the recent Post, A DELUGE OF TOADS, I observed some of the, shall we say, deficiencies at JFNA under its CEO. Many of you have written me on-line and off, with your own observations and Comments and, in doing so, you have raised very serious questions. Among them:
  • Is it enough to possess an enthusiastic and infectious personality; is it enough to be "likeable?" What if "...once he leaves a community there is nothing there?"
  • What does his tag line from multiple speeches -- "we are here for you" -- means nothing in practice? What if there is no follow through at all?
  • Is it insecurity or willful negligence when the CEO does not debrief his Senior professionals on the topics discussed, needs federations expressed or any follow-up strategies?
  • Is there one federation out there that can point to the help it received from a "Jerry visit" after he has gone?
  • Have hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel costs to the federations been wasted or is cheerleading without substance enough?
As background noise to CEO Jerry's many presentations, do I hear the beeping of a garbage truck going backwards?


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