Monday, September 24, 2012

GA 2012

It appears to some of us that the Baltimore General Assembly, November 11-13, is in trouble. The signs:
  1.  "Early Bird" Registration was extended on September 13 to September 22, and then, again to September 26. Maybe they should just extend the "discounted" Registration Fee to November 13. 
  2. They sent GA Update Form after my excision from all things JFNA.
Last year the GA was both a substantive and attendance flop with only 835 full pay Registrants. It should not be that way and after linking to the GA "Final" Program, this year the GA promises to be a substantive success -- it is really an excellent Program with sessions focusing on tachlis.  Could it be that this Program bears Joanne Moore's hand -- if so, she will be even more sorely missed.

And, after I wrote this Post and published it, I received two pieces from JFNA that raised some interesting questions -- at least to me:

  1. An invitation to a gala good-bye celebration of Manning's, Gelman's and Raskes's's's three years of service. Were I attending, I would surely be there to wish them adieu. No doubt Kathy will speak for all three as she has been doing for three years.
  2. Under the headline Join Top Jewish Newsmakers, JFNA added the beautiful voice of Edon Pinchot whose singing appearances on some reality TV show have made a wonderful young man into a celebrity. (Edon is the son of a real estate associate who did great work with me at my former firm.) But, come on. One cynical FOB suggested that Edon would chair the Panel on lay-professional relations.
The gang that couldn't shoot straight.

Gmar tov to one and all.



Anonymous said...

Gag!! How much is the Manning, Gelmans, Raskis going to cost us? We'll never know, will we?

RWEX said...

One FOB suggested that, instead of just kvetching, I convene an alternative GA promising his attendance. Great idea...I would bet attendees would no longer leave wondering why they wasted time and money. I am counting on new lay leadership to make big changes.