Sunday, January 9, 2011


In response to our recent Post, What Are the Facts about JFNA's Line of Credit, JFNA was asked by eJewish Philanthropy if it wished to respond to our assertion that there was a lack of transparency or disclosure to JFNA's Board that the organization's vital line of credit was no more. JFNA responded stating absolutely that the JFNA Board had been apprised of the situation at its November meeting; I had no recollection of that being a matter of Board discussion.

Now, an Anonymous Commentator has come forward to rebut the JFNA response:


Did not occur. Was never said.

Finance Committee met in November -- They were not told.

Board met in November -- They were not told.

Corporation Owners body met and they were not told.

Lie. Lie. Lie..."

Friends, it's one thing for our national organization to lack transparency on matters of the federations', the owners, interest; it is even worse when someone (or someones) decides to cover it up as if the facts remain none of our business.
People who do so lack any understanding of leadership responsibility.

More's the pity.


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