Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Some stuff...mostly from a place that is the gift that never stops giving....

~ Tribefest again. It's almost Festivus time. Feel the excitement. Is JFNA, in a desperate grasp for attendance, now "suggesting" to federations that they offer subsidies to the young? Suggesting that the trade-off for the subvention be a toilet training annual campaign contribution? And, further, suggesting that the subsidy funds can, hint, hint, come out of overseas allocations? The host community has been "permitted" to offer a huge discount on registration and even a day pass (for a two day "conference," that is really something). If you go to the Tribefest website, you can still watch in wonder at the promo video of some guy in a two piece suit awash in a hot tub inviting you down for the "fun;" you can still see the same nice group of speakers referenced earlier; and you still can't see a schedule of "events" or, hard as one looks for it, a purpose.

~ Victory again. Jerry Silverman is, I presume, a brilliant wordsmith, a master of communications and marketing. That being the case, why does JFNA publicly respond to JAFI Executive Chair Natan Sharansky's announcement of an extension for another six months of the moratorium impacting the pending Conversion Bill in Israel, among other things, stating, once again, that this is " victory." This time JFNA proclaims the moratorium extension as "...a victory for the cause of reason and unity." "Victory" may ultimately be the outcome, let us pray, but for now all I see is the application of that Parkinson's Law -- "delay is the deadliest form of denial." Such is "victory," JFNA-style.

~ JFNA Borrowing? In light of JFNA's "borrowing" out of funds allocated to JAFI to cover its costs and expenses during income shortfall periods, why is it that the Budget and Finance Committee receives periodic reports of year-to-date Budget expenditures but members never...make that N-E-V-E-R...receive year-to-date income reports? Did either of the current Chairs, while serving as JFNA Budget Chairs, ever ask -- or did they know and decide not to tell?

~ The Eulogizer? Is it just me or is there something inherently distasteful in JTA engaging a reporter as The Eulogizer? It seems to me to that this title both trivializes and even mocks the sensitive subject matter that reporter covers.



The Eulogizer said...

Richard: We strongly believe The Eulogizer is a proper name for this column/blog. If you read our daily intro, and the daily items, you will see we are eulogizing people with sensitivity, kavod, and seriousness.

I invite you and your readers to send us names & links to individuals we should write about.

Alan Abbey
The Eulogizer

Anonymous said...

There is no rational solution to the conversion issue other than Israel joining the rest of the world's democracies by allowing civil marriage. The Haredim and the orthodox can then maintain their standards. The liberal streams can have their definitions and the secular would have freedom to choose as well. JFNA would never adopt such a fair if bold approach that protects the integrity and right to self-definition of all. However having the discussion would be the right start.

Yehudi Chafshi

RWEX said...

Dear Alan,

As you read, my issue is with the JTA "brand" for the eulogies, not with the purpose or its excellent and sensitive execution. Keep up the fine work.

Anonymous said...

Your Blogger advises the readers that this Blog incorporates only my personal opinions and not those of any Jewish organization...

Apparently if you write a web journal or log - it is ok to call your self a Blogger? But if you write Eulogies it is not ok to call yourself the Eulogizer.

My issue is with the term "Blogger", not with the purpose or its excellent and informed execution. Keep up the fine work.

RWEX said...

OK...OK...mock me if you will. I get it. This Blog and a Eulogy are identical...or is that not your anonymous point?