Saturday, January 15, 2011



JFNA leadership has determined that governance processes under the current JFNA By-Laws are too cumbersome and time-consuming. Further, as Board Chair Kathy Manning stated: "It appears that the Board isn't very interested in the By-Laws to begin with, so why waste their valuable time (or mine)." Jerry Silverman, President and CEO, questioned: "We have By-Laws?" Manning added: "Each time I draft a vital By-Law change, JAFI and JDC kvetch about it." Thus, JFNA's Board will be asked to approve, in an emergency meeting, the following Resolution:


WHEREAS, JFNA's current By-Laws often stand in the way of progress and immediate action and impede the Organization from effecting the changes dictated by the Board Chair and the President; and

WHEREAS, JFNA's Board of Directors have expressed indifference to the plans, programs and initiatives of the administration, the Board Chair and the President,
NOW BE IT RESOLVED by the JFNA Board that the Corporate By-Laws adopted November 8, 2001, as amended from time-to-time, are here by revoked and rescinded in toto and in substitution therefore, the following shall be the By-Laws of the Organization, effective February 1, 2011.


1. All actions of the Corporation shall be and are hereby delegated to the Chairman of the Board and the President.

2. The Chairman of the Board and the President, may, in their total discretion, advise the Federation Members of the actions they have taken on their behalf, or they may not if they don't want to.

3. Immediately upon the enactment hereof,the Corporation's Board, Executive Committee and all Committees shall be dissolved as if they never ever existed.

APPROVED, this ____ day of January, 2011."


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