Sunday, January 16, 2011


Or, perhaps, the title should be "Transparency vs. Cash Collections." Whatever the title, in 2010 JFNA once again refused the offer of lay assistance in the cash collections process, seemed (other than in the work of the JFNA Finance Department professionals) to be a throw-away line in a speech as opposed to a dedicated and constant effort. The results show once again what happens when there is a failure of priorities aligned with federations and partners needs.

Then let's look at how JFNA distributed the expurgated results -- the cash collection "results" JFNA wants you to have ("no questions allowed") as opposed to the full information transparency would seem to dictate. So, a brief comparison is in order:

JFNA issued a CASH REPORT that so neatly summarized the cash distributions to JAFI, JDC, ORT, FEGS (NYANA) and the Ethiopian National Project (the ENP) without commentary. JAFI was shown as receiving increased core funding of $1.5 million, while JDC core increased by $2 million. JAFI is shown as losing $4.4 million in community funding, JDC down $2 million. JDC, thus, by the numbers "breaks even" for the year and JAFI was down almost <$3,000,000>. The other "partner," ORT reduced by <$800,000>.

But, unreported, though well known to JFNA is the reality that in 2010 the US Grant negotiated for refugee resettlement by JFNA/UIA fell by <$5,000,000> thus JAFI's cash from JFNA reduced in 2010 by <$7.9 million> -- but JFNA wants you to focus on the 1.1% increase in core funding. That's the spin; it's all so positive.
Face facts -- the professionals involved in collections did a great job in 2010 as in years passed. They deserve accolades. Yet, once again there was no organized lay cash effort -- and no excuse for not having one (except some federation professionals hate it when their lay people are called -- for anything). Second, JFNA did not have a significant or even minor impact on the amounts raised...again.

It's pretty shameful. Again. Sadly and always...again and again and again.


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