Thursday, January 13, 2011


Here are the things I hear from so many about the Blog:

1. "I would never read your damn Blog but someone sent me your Post on _____ and I hated it."

2. "You are totally misinformed and don't know what you are writing about." Usually heard from someone who just outright disagrees with what I've written but usually...that's usually...they learn that they were wrong.

3. "Who told you about that?" This was going to be the title of my next book...and still may be. BTW, I never disclose "who told me about that"...and never will.

4. "We thought about suing you for defaming us..." I try to write by the maxim that "truth is the best defense" -- wish others would abide by it.

5. "If you write about this, I will never ever speak to you again." And these are my friends; or the parallel

6. "I am telling you this in strict confidence; you can never write about this...unless I tell you you can..."

7. "You won't believe this but I have been accused by (fill in the blank...usually a leader of JFNA) of being your source for (everything)..." And the accusers have been 100%...that's 100%...wrong. But keep guessing.

8. "Don't you know that doing the same thing over and over and over expecting that things will change is a sure sign of insanity?" Answer: Yes.

9. "Please stop writing nice things about me, it's causing me problems here at JFNA."

10. "You have destroyed your reputation with this Blog...and for what?" Probably true; so, when those who remind me of this sad fact speak out about what they know to be true, I'll stop.

11. "Don't stop, the Blog is the only way I ever find out what's going on at JFNA." My promise -- I'll stop when they do, not before.


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