Thursday, June 4, 2009


Several correspondents have checked in with e-mails commenting on this morning's Post that cited the contempt with which UJC has treated the Network.

One pointed out that based on the current Dues formula applied by UJC to the Member Federations, the Network should be paying Dues of no more than $320,000 based upon UJC's current $38 million Budget. This would effect a $2 million reduction -- and a consequent increase in allocations to the Joint and JDC -- to the Network.

Another serious leader wrote: "Your analysis fell short. With no executive in charge of the Network, UJC actually increased its 'contribution' to the UJC Budget. It didn't adjust for the reduced employee census. A double hit."

A third merely wrote: "Shandagate describes this situation perfectly. How do the federations, including my own, tolerate this stuff. It's terrible." And, a fourth asked: "How can this leadership ask us to trust them, to promote them?"

Does anyone out there think that Shandagate is permissible?



RWEX said...

To "Anonymous" -- J, I received your Anonymous Comment but you had signed your name (in error I think). So, please stay in touch...

Used to be Important said...

Why, in the name of anything, from G-d to simple reason, do you not lead the charge to create a movement and ultimately an organization that will bring together the leaders and donors willing to restore the importance and position of Israel and Overseas Jewish needs. The most passionate Jewish leadership on this continent still resides in those who maintain that focus. UJC was not created by that leadership. It was created despite it and you and all those great people have watched it dwindle and nearly die. UJC will not change but its relevance will. The same large city execs who were so hell-bent to create it, have been disappointed by it and are voting with their dues. UJC will never be the best avenue for JAFI and JDC. The American Jewish leadership of the 1990s; those very people who were national UJA's and JDC's and UIA's Leadership and Young Leadership are; and they will all still take your call