Monday, June 15, 2009


I thought it might be timely to provide a "Sneak Preview" of a number of the subjects on our plate that we will be the subject of our Posts in the days and weeks ahead:

~ A little more about the continuing whining by the nominee for Chair of the Executive and the continuing demonizing/"wexlerizing" (if you will) of anyone and everyone who questions any action of the leadership of today and the leadership of tomorrow. Title: "Even A Child Wouldn't Behave Like This."

~ We'll compare UJC's rhetoric about its "commitment" to Missions and the reality.

~ We'll take a look at UJC's abject failure to engage mega-donors and the intent to use the "new" Center for Jewish Philanthropy to pursue the personal agendas of today's UJC leaders.

~ We'll examine the state of UJC Dues -- what federations aren't meeting their obligations, yet their lay leaders continue to have leadership positions at UJC.

~ Let's look at cash. We'll compare 2009 cash distributions to JDC and JAFI to date and the impacts on the Jewish People in these partners' care compared with UJC's application of federation cash payments to satisfy the UJC overhead in full.

And,of course, we will follow up on a number of the stories we have covered in earlier Posts.

Looks like a full plate.


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