Tuesday, June 23, 2009


While in Israel, a correspondent "Commented" on a recent Post with the following questions:

"joebrown42 said...

I wonder if Mr. Rieger made any comment regarding the fact that money raised for the Emergency Appeal, during and after the Second War in Lebanon, was used, in fact, for Operation Promise?And did he mention that when, only one-two years later, when NO additional monies were raised, all the recipients of those monies had to cut back on their activities?I wonder if he realized that Ethiopian youths at risk in Netanya whose youth club was closed (probably forever) were no longer on the "safe" side of 'at-risk', because their only way out had just been closed?

Recklessness makes me bitter, my apologies for the tone.



These are serious allegations. They demand response -- from Rieger, Kanfer, Manning or Gelman. Of course, even though I know they read this Blog obsessively -- as evidenced by the constancy of their complaints (always to others, never to me) and by their "Anonymous" Comments to the Posts that are clearly from them -- I suspect that they will not respond to this Post. And, unless you demand it, my friends, there will be no response at all.

I suspect that one of the contributing factors to what now appears to be a desperate search for someone not of the Federation system to succeed Rieger, is that such a choice will more readily enable this leadership to sweep matters cited by, among others, "joebrown42" under the new UJC carpeting at 25 Broadway.

I am bemused and worse by the constant aspersions directed to and at JAFI, JDC and their leaders by UJC's leaders when they operate a $38 million dollar enterprise as if it is nobody's business but theirs..



Anonymous said...

Richard, are you aware of the fact that you sound as creepy as John McCain with your constant rhetorical flourish of "my friends"?

please work to stop this verbal tic.

much appreciated,

Howard Joe Kathy Michael

RWEX said...

My Dear Friends,

Thanks for the very good advice.

joebrown42 said...

Thank you for publishing this.
By the way, the reason I do not leave anonymous tips, is because I have no problem standing behind my words.
I worked for 10 years in fund raising in a number of non-profits in Israel.
My e-mail is joebrown42 at yahoo.com or at gmail.com.
Anyone is free to contact me.
Joe Brown Leer