Wednesday, June 24, 2009


While in Jerusalem for the Jewish Agency's Delegate Assembly and Board meetings, some thoughts....

~ While Howard believes, as reported in the Forward, that a CEO's reduction in compensation would be "political" (whatever that means), I have a suggestion. Rieger has created an "Executive Management Council" (or some other name) superimposed on top of his "Senior Management Team" -- can you imagine the number of meetings, teleconferences, etc. Let this EMC (love those acronyms) determine among themselves to reduce their compensation and make that reduction available to reduce further reductions in staff -- unless Howard won't let them!!

~ There is a farewell party for Howard here tonight. Nice. I wasn't invited -- however, several people asked me to be their "date." I didn't think Rieger would take it very well plus seeing me walk in as one of those fellows' "date," might have been taken the wrong way -- by my wife. It will no doubt be a lovely evening filled with disingenuity.

~ While here the Max Fisher Square was dedicated -- just outside of Binyanei Ha'Umah at the entrance to Jerusalem. A beautiful event. Yesterday, Jane Sherman concluded her Chairmanship of JAFI's Governance Committee, steering the new Governance through the tortuous waters of a feisty leadership. As Jane did so, I am convinced that Max was smiling and telling all: "That's my Janie."

~ And as to that Governance process, UIA convened a "caucus" on the Governance yesterday. How refreshing -- about 70 US federation leaders engaged, hearing the Governance proposal with the opportunity for questions, for debate and resolution. That meeting was in sharp contrast to the fact that not once during the Governance Committee's 3 years of work did Joe Kanfer, who served on the Committee as UJC's, the federations', my, our representative update us on status, offer the same opportunity for debate, for questions, for discussion. The end continues to justify the means in the Land of the Ayatollahs. Questions: how did Joe formulate his opinions and conclusions within the process? Was it enough for him to counsel with Steve Hoffman? Guess so.

~ One of my friends tried to call me. My cell seemed not to be working. He wrote: "I can't get through to you." My response: "No one can."

~ The coffee and tissues still stink.



paul jeser said...

Did you try Coffee Bean? :-)

RWEX said...

I must try it. Thanks!!