Thursday, March 26, 2009


Howard Rieger and UJC's Sr. V-P, Marketing and Communications have alerted all of us to a "New Passover Video." It carries an excellent message and can be seen at:



joebrown42 said...

I wonder if your praise of their actions will go as widely published as your claims against them...

Anonymous said...

Good video - and i'm sure made for a pittance. Oh the good old days - Pre Rieger - when UJC's old mktg. dept, led by Gail Hyman And Fran Sommers, used to throw away low to mid six figures every year producing 4 minute, useless campaign videos/drivel.

Talk about wasted money. In terms of cutting edge talent, UJC's old guard marketing department was a complete joke.

How about giving current leadership some credit for recruiting bright young staff and improving the product?