Saturday, March 21, 2009


In an article in the Forward (March 18, 2009), I discovered a parallel universe to the one occupied by United Jewish Communities. In the article, by-lined to Anthony Weiss, a group of organizational lay leaders accused their central umbrella organization "...of being 'opaque,' disorganized and even vengeful, and demand changes within 90 days." The lay presidents went on: "We believe that the organization has become insular, unresponsive, and of diminishing value to its (members)....In the missive, the signatories hint that if their demands are not met promptly, their (organizations) may ultimately withdraw support..." This letter, which had not yet been sent at the time of the article, follows ... a week after another letter from the 25 largest members "challenging...leadership."

Finally, these lay chief volunteer officers' letter "...levels a series of charges against the (central organization) including that its actions are 'controlled by a relative few,' that 'there appears to be a culture of entitlement and intolerance on the part of the professional and lay leadership, that complaints are met with 'a fervent attempt to quash dissent' and that 'the official governing bodies are so large and/or so insular that they are unresponsive or unworkable.'" (emphasis added)

Hmmm. These are the travails of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, but do you, as I, find exact, four square, spot on parallels to UJC's deteriorating relationship with its owners? Or are UJC and its current leaders more "opaque, disorganized and even vengeful?" Isn't UJC a place where dissent is verboten in "...a culture of entitlement and intolerance." And isn't UJC the place where loyalty is demanded ("are you on my team or not?") but not given. I, and so many others, await the day when UJC undergoes the identical changes these Conservative Jewish congregational leaders demand of their UCSJ.



WhyDoWeFight? said...

150 posts and counting. each one saying the same thing: UJC and its leadership sucks. Isn't it time to give this a rest rwexler? Haven't you made your point?

Do your friends and family know about this blog? Are your wife and kids impressed by your nasty, ad hominem attacks on UJC and its leaders?

Can't you blog about something positive or constructive? Don't you have any interesting hobbies? why not create another philanthropy with other professionals that you admire? Or would you rather stay furious at your former colleagues and volunteer organization and spew venom for another year?

I've always been the type of person to tell someone when their zipper is down. I feel badly for them and don't want them to further embarrass themselves.

rwexler, your zipper is down.

RWEX said...

Dear "Fight,"

It's 165 Posts and counting. A suggestion to you: if you find this Blog so disgusting, stop reading it, And don't insult the intelligence of those who do read this Blog with references to my family or by "elevating" the discussion by first writing of the "type of person" you are (while attempting to hide behind the camouflage of anonymity -- that says all one needs to know about you) and referncing with great intellectual vigor an open fly.

If you really believe that UJC has made our system better over these past 4 years, then keep reading, If you believe that, e.g., the Post "A Parallel Universe" is an ad hominem attack, then work on your reading comprehension.

And, the next time you wish to Comment, have the courage to use your name or your Comment will be rejected.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wexler:

How is it that your new post is dated Wednesday March 25?

RWEX said...


I haven't quite figured itout myself.