Saturday, August 18, 2012


As a kid I used to love the Sunday Funnies. Today, with our treasured JFNA, the Funnies come every day. Join me in some laughs:

     ~ JFNA circulated a pr release from PresenTens announcing that that fabulous fund raiser, Becky Caspi, had inspired them with a "how to raise money" speech. "Be bold" and other stuff including the 5 key points for fund raising -- right out of the book; probably not out of...any experience. As some wit wrote me -- "this wouldn't have happened if Paul Kane were still alive." But, on another more serious point: it is the federations who need fund raising help -- desperately. If Caspi really knows anything about raising money -- that is if she has actually raised any -- send her where she's really needed. Since when are we giving FRD training (even kindergarten FRD training) to NGOs who will be raising dollars in our communities? Doesn't Caspi have anything to do at which she is experienced and good?

     ~ I was a member of ZBT in the Dinosaur era. Thus, I was so proud to receive JFNA's Leadership Briefing on July 27:

ZBT Awards JFNA with Historic Richard J.H. Gottheil Award
July 27, 2012
The Jewish Federations of North America humbly accepted an award today from Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT), America’s oldest Jewish fraternity. The Richard J.H. Gottheil Award is periodically bestowed upon individuals and organizations that have advanced human understanding among all people
It is hysterical that in all likelihood JFNA actually had someone apply for this great honor on its behalf.

     ~  In the midst of the brouhaha over my "Zionism" Posts last month, JFNA lay and professional leaders conducted another of their periodic "dragnets" accusing any number of JFNA staffers and lay leaders of being my "source" for anything. (One JFNA officer is apparently obsessed on the subject calling anyone he can think of and demanding to know if he/she "is the one.") A JFNA/GPT "leader" thinks nothing of sending a respected federation leader a vitriolic, insulting letter as if their "status" empowers them to demean leaders of the very federations that pay the Dues that enable their "power." It's both laughable and so pathetic -- all done, no doubt, as a warning: if you are ever seen (or are suspected of) speaking to me in any venue about anything, you will be placed on the "JFNA Enemies List," tagged as "not JFNA" and, no doubt, worse. How do I know this was going on -- people told me. 

And, recently, I had lunch with one of my good friends in Jewish life -- as we parted with a hug, she said "...remember, this lunch never happened." Ahhh,  it's beautiful.

Now, what have these babies done? In their most recent fit of childlike pique they have removed my name from the mailing list for the constantly ridiculous JFNA Leadership Briefings (another excision!!). I know, I know, I should probably feel grateful, but as these are a constant source of amusement, when you read one that is particularly inane, please send it on to me with your confidential comments. I am dependent, as always, on the kindness of readers. 

     ~ You may have received the JFNA press release issued mid-July excoriating the National Jewish Democratic Leadership Conference for its condemnation of Sheldon Adelson's support of PACs attacking the President or, if you wish, supporting the candidacy of Mitt Romney. This is our communal business? Or is it another example of the folks at JFNA having too big a payroll? My guess: the bigwigs at JFNA want to have talking privileges with Mr. Adelson, what better way than to subtly support him in the name of fair campaigning? In all events the NJDLC withdrew its attack; no doubt exhausting JFNA with their self-congratulatory back-patting.

     ~ An internet filing for a job opening crossed my desk which suggested that Joanne Moore, she of the great resume assigned to run the Global Planning Table and the GA and all other things not JFNA-Washington but under the thumb of CEO Jerry and a consultant, had resigned. NO, THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Instead, Joanne's Executive V-P (sorry, I can't keep up with the titles over there) had quit and had to be replaced. Asking around, I learned that JFNA is " the process" of a hiring a "boatload" of staff for the GPT. I had predicted on these pages that the GPT would yield a bureaucracy of epic proportions -- that was denied, no bureaucracy here we were all told. That's exactly when I knew we'd have a big one. My Orwell-dar worked again.

Rereading this...not so "funny" after all.


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Anonymous said...

These people seem to have time for everything under the sun except doing the jobs for which they were elected or hired. We ought to be ashamed that we continue to throw our donors' dollars at this organization apparently believing that the more money they spend the better they will spend it. We are as idiotic as those we've hired and elected.

Can we just start over?