Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Shortly after posting "NO COMMENT," a FOB advised me that the day following the "no comment," JTA republished the story and noted that JFNA had now commented:

Good for them.



Anonymous said...

My mother always told me when you can't say something nice it is better not to say anything at all.

Anonymous said...

The more constructive question would be whether JFNA has a written policy or a long standing oral tradition as to what constitutes a public issue that merits an organizational comment. Absent such obviously useful protocols every issue that emerges becomes a cause for second guessing and controversy. Perhaps they do and this issue fell outside the guidelines. In which case it may be appropriate to revisit the guidelines but not to question JFNA' s no comment.

RWEX said...

A "po;icy?" A "written policy?" A great idea BUT THIS IS JFNA after all.

yehoshua said...

you knew it would come to this since cowardice has always been a part of the diaspora pseudo-leaderships insecure mentality...when ive talked about this circus with normal people they refuse to believe that this is not coming from the united nations...zionism seems to be a form of racsim in the minds of the liberal leftist jewish mentality an old friend keep up the fight