Tuesday, August 28, 2012


A post-mortem is defined in part as the examination of a corpse after death to determine the cause. While this could be applied to so many things at JFNA, a recent Report on the infamous TribeFest 2 gives rise to a simple post-mortem, a simple conclusion -- without subsidies flowing in every possible direction from a budget approaching if not exceeding $1 million, Festivus would not have existed. 

Here's who were subsidized: all registrants, Las Vegas Residents, recipients of a special "Lucky Winners Raffle," The Big Show Exhibitor Registrants, members of the press/social media, communities receiving further subsidies for community professionals' attendance, and JFNA professionals. In other words -- E.V.E.R.Y.B.O.D.Y. JFNA's definition of "success" -- pay people to attend, trumpet the results and do it again. Festivus 2 was described by JFNA thusly: "...the extraordinary events of March 25-27th." OMG!!!

Interesting reading -- but this Report was intended for a privileged few. (Certainly not including me.) There are many internal inconsistencies, here are some highlights:
  • In anticipation of 1800 "participants" (don't know what that meant), JFNA decided (without any apparent lay approval) to increase the number of JFNA professionals in attendance from 30 to 35 inasmuch as there were 1307 "registrants" (I guess that's different than "participants") for Fest 1 and these additional 5 would "help make the event run even smoother." 35 JFNA staff members traveled to Las Vegas for Festivus 2 -- remarkable. But, I bet it was smooooth.
  • 34 purchasers of Exhibit Booths received free Registrations. Do you know of any Convention organizer that doesn't offer free Exhibitor Registration?
  • The number of participating communities increased by -- drum roll, please -- 3.
So, here's the deal -- TribeFest 2, after all of the subsidies, all of the intentional confusion between "Registrants" and "participants," and a Budget of $1,000,000 (probably not including staff overhead), projected 1,800 Registrants and achieved 1,516 -- a Registration shortfall of almost 20%. Now, you know JFNA; no one at 25 Broadway will ever acknowledge that anything is a failure, let alone the brilliant "extraordinary" Festivus. But, could someone, anyone, get them to stop before they do it again?


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Anonymous said...

God forbid that Silverman and his crew EVER admit that they have made a mistake, a terrible error of both judgment, planning and execution. That's weakness, man, and JFNA may be many things, but never weak -- oh, wait a minute.