Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We know that at the JFNA, circa 2012, black is white and white, black. After spending millions...that's right, come up with Jewish Federations of North America, a name that Marty Kraar, z'l, came up with all by himself in 1999, $50,000 seemed like chump change...emphasis on the "chump"...for a "tagline." And neither expenditure was ever approved by the JFNA governance bodies. Today, time and time and time again, we have seen JFNA engage in what can only be described as Orwellian doublespeak day after day.

Orwellian doublespeak? You mean, as definitions would have it, "...the situation, idea or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive of a free society. It connotes an attitude and a policy of control by propaganda...misinformation, denial of the truth and manipulation of the past...?" Yes, that's what has been going on at JFNA for more than half of its existence. Orwell wrote about how the doublespeak created, among other things, the "non-person." And, we experience all of this in a day and day after day at 25 Broadway.

We are in the hands and power of the few at 25 Broadway. Where governance might get in the way, best to ignore it; where processing huge amounts of funding is done through Committee decisions, where lay leaders are told nothing more than what is believed that they "need to know." And where most of the flock just "...doesn't want to be bothered" further empowering potential and real abuse of process and worse.

Since the beginning, as we have pointed out on these pages time and again, the so-called Global Planning Table has been an Orwellian sham. Take, for example, the October 2010 JFNA/JAFI/JDC Agreement. Even though as we discussed he just weeks ago, the Agreement was breached by JFNA's actions before the ink was dry, JFNA's leaders proposed that the JFNA Board extend certain action dates. A conference call meeting of the JFNA Executive Committee was called for July 11, them canceled. It had been scheduled to consider...Orwell would have approved..."The Allocations Agreement Extension of 2012." This "rebranding" from the same leaders who have rejected the inclusion of the word "Zionism" in a GPT document as "too controversial." 

The Senior VP of Titles scored again!! And, so did Orwell.



Anonymous said...

What is the refused Zionism comment about?

Anonymous said...

See Wexler's Post today asking How Did It Come To This? I don't know if there is a "worst" anymore, there have been so many.