Sunday, July 1, 2012


Another day, another punch line from JFNA. The organization continues to operate as if the Global Planning Table as it it is being implemented is a "really great thing." No so much, of course.

I felt that a respected professional's suggestions for "fixing" the already out of control Global Planning Table were so important, and so simple, and so ignored ("of course") that I put them directly in front of the one JFNA professional who might read them and make a difference. So I sent the May 18 Post directly to CEO Jerry. I indicated in my transmittal that I knew he did not read the Blog(sure!!??)  even though all evidence is that he and so many others locked up at 25 Broadway do so, but that this particular Comment, appearing in a Post was important and I urged CEO Jerry not just to read it but to share it.

Then, the strangeness. CEO Jerry refused to read the Post. He reassured me that he never reads the Blog (!!??) (Is it self-censorship or has the Board Chair issued a monarchic decree?). And if the "respected professional" wants to bring something to CEO Jerry's attention, he/she "...should bring it (to CEO Jerry) directly." (I explained that had this professional wanted to do so, he would have done so.)

After a brief response from me, so ended the correspondence. So ended hope. My conclusions: (1) the GPT will continue down a path to its own destruction, carrying with it the seeds of the deconstruction of JFNA and of our system's core relationships with our overseas partners; (2) JFNA's leaders once again will permit nothing to interfere with their own narrative, drafting a consultant over one year ago whose scorecard of success...not good; and (3) only want those vetted as "being JFNA" engaged in this head-nodding process. And we all know how "processes" run like these end up -- in abject failure.

So, CEO Jerry and your ilk, keep your heads buried deeply in the sand. That's the way to go. It's also why we have so few ostriches. How's the view from there by the way?

Oh, I forgot, you don't read this...



Anonymous said...

This is a terrible example of breach of fiduciary responsibility. Whoever heard of a lead professional refusing wise counsel out of spite or hubris (or is it stupidity)?

Anonymous said...

How Nixonian of them and how sheepish of us.

"The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves for we are underlings". This was a famously used quote of Edward R. Murrow. Your readers Richard might lookup some direct quotes of Morrow's on that also may have some further bearing on our collective predicament.

Anonymous said...

No offense to Anonymous, but Murrow was quoting Shakespeare. In another memorable quote in Julius Caesar, Shakespeare referred to "Judgment Fled..."