Monday, March 7, 2011


Here is JFNA at the peak of its powers evidencing its relevance:

"Jewish Federations of North America JFNA Poll: Natalie Portman has been making headlines recently. She is pregnant by and engaged to a non-Jewish man, won an Oscar, reprimanded John Galliano for his anti-semitic remarks, and fell under scrutiny by politician Mike Huckabee. Ms. Portman was born in Israel and has publicly acknowledged her Jewish heritage....How do you feel about Ms. Portman and/or any of her recent headlines?"

Just so sad. And we pay for this stuff.



Anonymous said...

Completely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

JFNA spends thirty million dollars a year of Federation dollars, promotes as "heroes" folks with no connection to Federations, is staffed by pros clueless as to what actually transpires on the local level and has brought in an outside CEO who after what is going on two years is still "learning". What do you think of this organization?

Anonymous said...

Richard: you're usually devastatingly accurate in your assessment of what ails JFNA, but I think you're missing it on this one. This question opens the door to converations about:
- identity
- intermarriage
- family values/sexuality
- anti semitism
- left/right politics and the culture wars
- israel
- community

In the right hands, the answers to questions like these can open the door to a better understanding of what the next generation cares about, how it sees itself and what it opportunities and challenges they offer to the greater Jewish community.

Give them a break on this one.