Sunday, March 13, 2011


~ I don't believe it is a breach of confidentiality to congratulate Kathy Manning for communicating with the JFNA Board in a confidential manner her sense of the meeting of Jewish leaders with President Obama the first week of March. Without disclosing the substance of her communication, suffice it to say that it was pitch perfect and wholly in keeping with the fact that she attended that meeting as our Chair. Kal ha'kavod.

~ Yet, there is actually someone at JFNA writing things like the following -- "...we're Jewish, we're newish and we're YOU-ish..." And even more -- all to show how "hip" we are. Someone is paid to write drivel like this. Aren't we proud?

~ Want to know how Jimmy Carter became both our worst President (I know, I know) coupled with being the worst Ex-President? Well, for a mere $70,000 charitable contribution (I don't think it is to your federation, J Street or Jewlicious), you can go fly-fishing with Carter and ask him. Probably won't be worth it.

~ Alan Dershowitz has brilliantly dissected some basic causes of the outbreak of anti-semitism worldwide. A relevant question would seem to be: why does the ADL not totally focus on these issues as is its mandate and purpose? We don't need Abe Foxman's opinions on every "Jewish" subject, do we? For example, do we need Foxman's (are they really those of the ADL?) pronouncements on Israel, on mosques? I don't think so.

~ I am still waiting for a list of JFNA's five highest priorities. Have any of you a list? OK, how about three? (And, don't kid us, we know that financial resource development isn't one of them.)

~ Do you think we will ever receive an accounting of how much was/has been raised by JFNA from the federations for: ACANI (or whatever it's called now); the IAN; Falash Mura aliyah; SCN; etc. These "asks" seem never to be subject to accountability or transparency. Just asking...but do you think that Jerry knows? That Kathy knows? That Heschel knows? But I would bet that Sam Astrof knows.

~ Finally, one Commentator objected that a JFNA senior pro observed that TribeFest was not about "...hitting people up for money." That JFNA flack, like most at JFNA, apparently never learned the values of our philanthropy or even the sacred work his fellow professionals are doing. But the professional who uttered those words for publication was reflecting the prevalent JFNA lay and professional opinion on the campaign work of federations. They ought to be ashamed...but they're not. It's not that it's not their business, it's more that they don't know what their business is or what it should be. And that's pitiful.


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