Saturday, March 19, 2011


If what follows (the names have been changed to protect the innocent) weren't true, it would make one helluva Purim shpiel. Let's say you are a Federation Chair or CEO who, the night before, met with your leadership to discuss massive budget cuts and hard, hard allocations decisions. Then you are your desk and receive the following (I am not making this up!!):


The below invitation will be sent to our updated Next Gen/Breakthrough lists next week.
If there are names you would like to be included, that you have not already sent us, please do so as soon as possible.
This is going to be an amazing opportunity and we are limiting the number of participants to 20.
I am happy to share the mission itinerary or answer any questions you may have.


____________, UJC

"On May 17, I will travel to Tel Aviv to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience: Lunch with the Legends of Israel. I invite you to join me and a small group of Jewish leaders from across North America as we meet Israel's top philanthropists: Raya Strauss, Eitan Wertheimer and Benny Landa. These three individuals have accomplished amazing things, and we have a truly remarkable opportunity to meet with them in their homes, their boardrooms and at the projects they support. This is unparalleled access that only UJC can provide. While I am not going to reveal everything we have in store for you, rest assured that our itinerary involves excellent food and drink, good conversation and, of course, an opportunity for playing around with off-road vehicles.

For this exclusive visit, we are inviting only select individuals with a capacity for significant participation in Jewish philanthropy and leadership. There will be no solicitations or caucuses. .
Recognizing that all of us lead busy lives, this will be a short trip, beginning on May 17 in Tel Aviv and ending on the evening of May 20..... I look forward to meeting you.

______" (Emphasis added)


Abnormal circumstances call for unique opportunities. "There will be no solicitations or caucuses" -- our motto. Not "One People One Destiny." Not "We Are One." Not even "The Voice of One. The Power of Many." nope. It's "There will be no solicitations or caucuses."

Friends, JFNA has completely and absolutely lost its way.

Chag sameach. It is Purim after all. And no one does Purim like JFNA.



Usedtobeimportant said...

If I can't have a caucus or solicitation, then I demand my jeep be driven by STEF Wertheimer, himself, and that Shimon Peres delivers another speech on why PR is not important to Israel.

paul jeser said...

Why not a national leadership fly-in to Itamar?

joebrown42 said...

on caucuses...
I think that my generation (I am 37 years old) does not like them.
Really. I asked a friend or two and they would rather not be asked mid-trip to give money. They also want these kind of visits.
SO....two good things in one invitation...I do think that it doesn't have to SAY no caucuses, though.
Just fund-raise correctly, I say. Know your crowd. If a caucus fits - do it. If not - don't. But there is no reason to announce the lack thereof.
(2 out of 3?)

Anonymous said...

The issue of caucuses and announcing gifts has always been a concern. There are numerous ways to handle this so that it makes people feel comfortable and good about their gift. Skills in conducting a proper caucus and also a proper solicitation used to be one of the more important skills that professionals and lay leaders were trained in by CJF and UJA. JFNA could do a big favor to federations if this was one of the issues they resurrected. In fact I remember an entire solicitor training department that UJA had.

Anonymous said...

Happy Purim,

Grag, grag, grag.