Sunday, December 19, 2010


And things were going so well. Commentators to the Blog were engaged in substance and then...this intelligent and of course Anonymous Comment appeared from the netherworld:

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "AFTER SIX MONTHS OF SILENCE...CONT'D":

Perhaps the entire world shouldn't know the JFNA Conversion Bill strategy. Perhaps there was a time when JFNA could share such information with key leaders -- but how to do so now, when 30 seconds later it will end up on your blog? Does MK Rotem read your "I've been sent out to pasteur but am too darn fickle to acknowledge it" blog? It wouldn't surprise me if all those who seek to destroy American Jewry's connection to eretz Israel have you in the browser bookmarks.

Like WikiLeaks, you make it difficult for real leaders to communicate. I am sure you are proud."

Many of you who regularly read the Blog will readily recognize the sad prose above and most can assume the name of the author. The Comment asserts, believe it or not, that the reason that JFNA doesn't communicate with even its own leadership is that such communication would somehow reach me and then I would let "the entire world know" JFNA's strategy, if it had one....and when apparently "confidential information" is released to JFNA leaders "...30 seconds later it will end up on (the) blog." Is this the warped mind of JFNA speaking...or just a warped mind?

Then come the clinchers: I am accused of being one with "...all those who seek to destroy American Jewry's connection to eretz Israel...(and) [L]ike WikiLeaks, (I) make it difficult for real leaders to communicate." And all of this after I "..was sent out to pasteur." (emphasis added)

So, there you have it -- the real reason that JFNA only communicates with the privileged few and not with its own Board is that the information it is communicating is too confidential for its own Board to have. All this from one so courageous that he/she is hiding behind his/her anonymity. As I wrote, tsk...tsk...tsk.


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Anonymous said...

How Nixonian of your esteemed commentator. Are we now to have a new task force on un-Jewish activities at JFNA? And since you have been already been fingered Richard, can the rest of identify you when asked to name names? :-)