Wednesday, December 29, 2010


One of the more observant Friends of the Blog did some analysis and asked "how much has JFNA allocated from its Budget for the deficit? $400 for early bird registrants will yield $600,000." He notes if it's that cheap in Las Vegas, then he votes for all future GA's to be held there.

Here's the thing: there is something called "JFNA math." It's the calculation that includes: All federations will pay Dues so we'll spend $30.3 million even though there isn't a chance those Dues will be paid...ever; we need $3 million from the federations to resettle a few Yemenite families in Monsey, New York -- we collect $603,000 from our "appeal" (and say nothing more about it); we ask for millions from the federations for the Israel Action Network -- how much have we received -- in cash, in pledges, only we know...and on and on it goes.

Yep we had the "new math" and now we have "JFNA math."


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