Thursday, December 16, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, following my morning Post expressing dismay over the JFNA silence on the Conversion legislation -- lo and behold, a LEADERSHP BRIEFING yesterday afternoon The Conversion Debate: An Update. I am not suggesting in any way that the Post was the catalyst for the Briefing. And that is just as well, for were it so intended, the lawyer's response would be "move to strike, non-responsive."

The Briefing offered an excellent summary of status, emphasizing support for the IDF Conversion Bill (for it) and the "general Conversion Bill (against it). The Briefing emphasized JFNA's support of compromise, and cited JFNA's letter to the Prime Minister last week.

I kept turn the two pages of the Briefing over, hoping I had missed something -- you know, maybe a game plan; perhaps an announcement that Manning and Silverman were flying to Israel with a large contingent of North American Jewish leaders to express strong opposition and to again explain the implications for Israel-Diaspora relations should the "general conversion bill" pass in its current form. But, none of that -- too busy with year-end cash, perhaps; or Resolutions?


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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the entire world shouldn't know the JFNA Conversion Bill strategy. Perhaps there was a time when JFNA could share such information with key leaders -- but how to do so now, when 30 seconds later it will end up on your blog? Does MK Rotem read your "I've been sent out to pasteur but am too darn fickle to acknowledge it" blog? It wouldn't surprise me if all those who seek to destroy American Jewry's connection to eretz Israel have you in the browser bookmarks.

Like WikiLeaks, you make it difficult for real leaders to communicate. I am sure you are proud.