Friday, October 23, 2009


The announcement this a.m. that the President of the United States will attend the General Assembly is a real coup. (Not in the coup d'etat sense.) I have been attendong GAs since 1973 and neither I nor my friends can remember an occasion when the President has attended in person. (We do remember that President Clinton attended the Indianapolis GA by teleconference with Joel Tauber doing the honors.) We remember Vice Presidents such as George H. W. Bush in Chicago in the 80's and Al Gore in Denver in the 90's...but not a President. Hopefully, the Israeli Prime Minister will also be present.

To the extent that The Jewish Federatrions of NA leadership believes that this means that "we still matter," or whether the federaqtions themselves will at least seize the day remains to be seen.

But, no matter, this assures that this GA will be remembered.

More to follow.



paul jeser said...

The real coup would be if the GA ldrshp engineered a mtg between Obama and Natenyahu or got them to speak at the same plenary... :-)

Anonymous said...

does the old guard get any credit for this "coup" since planning and negotiation were underway for many months?

Anonymous said...

I concur with the previous "anonymous," commentator. Surely, Jerry had nothing to do with this "coup," although he will undoubtedly get credit for it.

Actually, I'm hesitant to offer any UJC professional - past or present - too much credit for this "coup," since it is clearly in the POTUS' best interests to make a quick, local appearance and attempt to assuage some of the opposition to his policies in our influential community.

As we say in my business, this GA appearance was an EASY sell.

Anonymous said...

..and Ken Feinberg has always had the ability to deliver in Washingtgon

Anon said...

One word: Daroff. Bibi is coming too - but he won't meet Obama at the GA.

RWEX said...

OK, the maxim "Success has many fathers and mothers, failiure is an orphan" has been proved again. Those who want "credit" probably don't want the "discredit" of no presidential appearances the last five years would be my guess.

Anonymous said...

But, it makes no sense to equate a Presidential appearance at the DC GA with a Presidential appearance in any other GA location, especially Jerusalem or Toronto!!!

The above is not a very thoughtful comment on your part.