Monday, October 26, 2009


There remains an Anonymous "Commentator" who is continuously frustrated as I reject his personal attacks on me...and, now, Jerry Silverman. Example, after I rejected his last attempt to attack Silverman, telling him that his screed would not be published on this Blog; that he ought to start a Blog and call it "I Hate Jerry," this guy wrote again. This time he said that his earlier hate message was meant to be "ironic" and "a joke." No, that won't be published either.

But for this one "master of irony" these Posts have been filled with intelligent and important Comments. I know this guy just can't help himself. It's truly too bad. We'll continue without him.


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RWEX said...

To "Anonymous,"

Having circulated your latest screed to a few others (all of whom recognized the "face behind the mask") and as I won'y publish this latest sad personal attack on me, on Silverman, I have only empathy for you. How sad you are; how sad it must be to be you.