Saturday, March 2, 2013


Now you see it; now you don't. The one constant at JFNA over the years has been the shell game. Some times it's played by the CEO and his staff, sometimes by a lay chair so focused on his/her agenda, that even lying is permitted for "the greater good," of course.

With all of its eggs in the Global Planning Table basket, and that process still controlled by a Past Chair who just will not, cannot let go, and her willing CEO (well not "hers" anymore except in her mind), and the larger federations generally interested in preserving the overseas allocation process to their own leaders, not some group controlled by others  (and certainly not JFNA), the GPT is now, for the first time, being rationalized as "something for the Small Cities." If this gets any worse, pretty soon CEO Jerry will be running around shouting "Do it for Kathy; oh won't you do this for poor Kathy, she wants it so much." It is truly bizarroooo world, my friends. 

How much has this doomed exercise -- and I mean "doomed" from the beginning -- cost the federations. Has anyone asked for an accounting? Demanded an accounting from Day 1? Has anyone said to Kathy and Jerry: "We're putting this on hold until we know the costs to date and to come? David Butler....ever ask? Michael Siegal...would you please ask? Our new Chairs are now in charge, aren't they?

Now you see it; now you don''s JFNA.


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