Saturday, March 23, 2013


I have always found that those of you who read this Blog (an admit to it) demonstrate smarts and insights that far, far exceed mine. The Comments to my Posts almost always demonstrate a knowledge of our system that is far greater than those leading JFNA have in the past ever demonstrated.  For example:
  "Many of these words (the 'jargon' of the 'professionals' at JFNA ) come from the newly minted cult of grantmaking foundations that have created there own pseudo-science and language around accountability, documentation and evaluation. Foundation CEO's are the new high priests; program officers their levites with very little value added over the three old fashioned questions: What are we gonna do? How're we gonna do it? And how will we know if we are successful? Of course the old fashioned way doesn't look as pretty on an excel spreadsheet but it sure saves trees and compensates for lack of direction and serious thinking. It is doubtful whether Ben Gurion, let alone Herzl, would have gotten a nickel under the new model."
Or this in response to the Golden Calf Post:

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

 1) The GPT is to answer the demands of the small Federations. (Bold Face lie)

2) If we fail to support the GPT, the national system will disintegrate/fail (Read: Jerry and Kathy will be emmbarassed) (Read further: If Jerry racks up another major failure - maybe his contract will not be renewed)..."

Or, this, in response to the Post on a former Chair's quest for the Conference of Presidents highest office, where I cited her love of Gilbert and Sullivan:

I am the very model of the modern Jewish leadership,
I've press releases,witty quotes, reciting federation's postal zip,
I know all heads of agencies, and cell phones of the special few,
From Michaels down to Edgars and even one Israeli too,
I'm very well acquainted now with budget things financially,
Consultants, projects off the books a very practiced speciality,
bout GPT and Vegas three I'm teeming with a lot of news,
Give me five, a tutor too, I'll even talk about the Jews,
I am the very model of the modern Jewish leadership...

That was from the famous "Gilbertstein and Sullivansky."

And, in celebration of the Pesach Holiday, let's close with this:
"The Four Sons of JFNA

The Wise Son: Caught up in the minutia of marketing and GPT press releases

The Bad Son: Who denies the very essence of community building and collective responsibility

The Simple son: Who thinks that #ish came from Sinai

The Son who cannot ask: You know, like soliciting donors for the annual campaign?"

These are just four of many, my friends.

Keep 'em coming.



paul jeser said...

Richard - to you and your family - Chag Pesach Samayach!

Anonymous said...

Of the ten spies sent by Moses only two, Joshua and Caleb, were truthful in their reporting. Of the many who have held national leadership positions only you Richard, with the tenacity of Joshua, have spoken openly on the failures in our national system. Thank you for your courage and honesty. Although it may often appear so atah lo levad.