Sunday, January 13, 2013


Friends, would you believe that any of the following could be true?
  • that when Michael Siegal accepted the White House invitation to a December Party at the White House on our behalf, CEO Jerry had a visible temper tantrum at 25 Broadway because he believed that he should have gone? After all, his "peers," like ADL's one-man show, Foxman, went, so why not CEO Jerry?
  • that the head of JFNA-Israel identified herself as JFNA's "CEO" in a wasteful, ridiculous communique to "...a limited list of influential Israelis...?" And that wasn't the worst of it...for this lengthy (characterized as a "short") "update" was one of the most patronizing documents yet produced by an organization that seems to exist for only this purpose. For example, I know of no group other than the most involved Jews in our federations that is more knowledgeable of the nuances in American politics than are Israelis -- the "update" presumes that "Israeli influentials" know nothing. Just another waste of precious staff time for the Seinfeldian "nothing."
  • that the JFNA Israel Office staff includes...a Director General, an Assistant Director, a Special Assistant to the Director General, an Executive Assistant and a Program Coordinator -- all in the "Executive Office?" What would you guess the personnel total is in the JFNA Israel Office: 10, 17, 22, 27, 35....higher? (For the answer, see below) And what do these folks do? What are their goals, accomplishments? What is their accountability?

The answer: 27 (not including 10 federation Israel representatives)


Anonymous said...

People join an organization for title, power, money, the chance to make a difference or combinations of the above. At UJC now JFNA those who focus on the first three survive, albeit precariously, longer than the frayers who thought that focus, commitment and righteous behavior would always be respected and rewarded.

But those of this type labeled Frayers aren't always the
losers. I once knew a Midwest professional who was offered a seat on a chartered flight to attend one of the most historic Jewish events of our lifetime. He turned his ticket over to the local Hillel director for the use of a student. Though he has no idea whether the gesture had an impact on the student the professional has never regretted his action. As the commercial goes, "the cost of a plane ticket 200 bucks; the satisfaction of giving it up - priceless"

Anonymous said...

I can just image CEO Jerry doing same; ha ha ha ha.