Thursday, January 31, 2013


So, on January 23, the JFNA sent out an urgent announcement that Tribe Fest Is Coming Back.  (Like the world was waiting with baited breath.) And I want to thank all 57 of you who sent me the JFNA "tease" for your incredulity.

What was really meant follows:

Yes, our greatest waste of financial resources is returning. Why, you ask? Because otherwise we might actually do something constructive with your dollars -- something responsible, responsive to federations' needs. Why wouldn't we bring this piece of dreck back? After all, we proved that we could waste $2 million (+/-) so  far that might otherwise have been used to help the Jewish People, help our communities, our Owners --- so why not waste some more?

Sure, some of you true believers think that Festivus had some value -- of  course those would be the acolytes, the sycophants and those who just want to have a  swell time under the Big Top. As some wag once said when asked why year after year why he continued to clean up after the elephants at the circus -- "what, and get out of show business?"

I don't know whether to be more angry, more bewildered or simply howling with laughter. 




Anonymous said...

I'm sad - because it means the new lay leadership doesn't have the courage to stand-up to Jerry. But, did anyone really expect otherwise?????

Anonymous said...

I'm betting that staff just sold these new leaders a bill of goods: "all new, better, different" and they jst bought it because they don't know any betterr

UJT&Me Fan said...

Two. Million. Dollars. Remarkable. I wonder how much TribeFest New Orleans will cost? I notice that once again it will take place the weekend after the 10th annual Jewlicious Festival, which in its 10 year history hasn't spent $2 million. Talk about scorched earth - kudos Federation! Please do keep us updated on Festivus developments.