Friday, November 16, 2012


As the Terrorists' War on Israel expands with rockets falling in South Jerusalem with the Israel Defense Forces poised for a ground war into Gaza, it is with pride and relief that our federations, JFNA and the Jewish Agency are all standing tall.

JFNA has formally thanked President Obama for his steadfast support of Israel's right to defend itself and mobilized its leadership. Michael Siegal, installed just this week, will lead a Solidarity Mission of federation leaders "in the coming days" and JFNA has rallied federations to a $5 million Terror Relief Fund to aid the victims of this War that has been thrust upon Israel.

And the federations have already responded with rallies and funds. My Chicago Federation has already transmitted $1 million to the fund for the victims of terror and others are doing likewise.

The Jewish Agency has responded with direct assistance and respite to those directly in the line of fire. 

All of us pray for the well-being of those of our People under constant threat and terror, literally living in shelters and now at risk whether in Ibim, Be'ersheva, Kiryat Malachi, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv . 

We stand, as always, with Israel.

Shabbat shalom.



paul jeser said...

The eJewishphilanthropy story mentions the JDC and the JNF - no mention of the JFNA or Feds -

In LA, the Fed seems to be missing-in-action. We did receive an email from the Exec who is in Israel with their Entertainment Division - but, in terms of community response, this has been left totally to the ILC (Israel Leadership Council) - the Fed is not even a co-sponsor!

Anonymous said...

Paul Jeser should get his facts straight. LA is working with Chicago and JFNA. They stepped forward at the very beginning both on the ground in Israel and in leading their colleagues. Strong leadership isn't just about rallies.

Anonymous said...

Why does the blog author leave out JDC from among those JFNA overseas partners providing vital services to vulnerable populations in Israel? Oversight or bias?

RWEX said...

Dear Anon,

Now, now. The work of JDC has always been and remains an inspirattion to me. When I published the Post, I was aware of the work of the federations, JFNA and JA. A FOB, Paul Jeser, immediately added the link to the work of the Joint -- see Comment 1 above.

paul jeser said...

Dear Anon 7:45

My facts were based on the ejewishphilanthropy I cited in my comment - so don't shoot the messenger.

If LA is working with Chic and JFNA why not let us know.

Yes, strong leadership isn't just about rallies - but no Fed organized commnunity rally says smething about the strength of the Fed.

RWEX said...

To the Anonymous who wished to use this Blog to attack another Commentator: I have rejected your Comment. Any Commentator can feel free to attack me but not to engage in strident attacks on a fellow Commentator (especially not one who has used his/her name) UNLESS you come out from behind the cloak of anonymity.