Tuesday, November 13, 2012


A few GA items of no special moment:

1. The Count. For those of you enjoying the GA, know that JFNA has counted you at least 4 times to arrive at its "more than 3,000" attendance number. If JFNA had been responsible for creating the Omer,  know that it would be 365 days a year.

2. Tours. It has been reliably reported to me that for some the best thing about this year's GA location is that almost directly across the street from the Marriott is a "Gentlemen's Lounge" (i.e., JFNA-speak for a strip club). Called "The Goddess." I guess that is what JFNA meant when it said it would hold future GAs in "the most attractive tourist destinations."

3. Sad.  One FOB claims that she was walking past one of the suites at the Marriott when she heard through the closed door the following: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most powerful woman of them all?" And, in response, a low growl: "Not you anymore, m'lady, sorry." Now, I can't believe this story is anything other than an old fairy tale, but a good one as I recall.

4. Transparency. JFNA has a large and no doubt cutting edge IT Department, adept at, among other things, at the orders of the bosses, at checking out the hard drives of those suspected of "disloyalty." But, when really needed, where were they...those, like me and many others, who actually wanted to participate in the JFNA Board meeting, called in at 6:15 CST only to be confronted by static (or unable to connect at all) until about 8:30 when JFNA leaders reported that the "connectivity issue" had been resolved. Of course, the Board meeting was over by then.

6. And...finally. At what I have heard was a lovely reception in honor of the new Chair of the Executive, among others, the now former Board Chair felt compelled to speak. In her remarks she reflected on the fact that she began each day infuriated by whatever might have appeared in this Blog -- a fury only exceeded, as she reported, by that experienced by the now former Chair of the Executive. And, this from the person who had told me to my face that the only time she read UJThee was when someone sent it to her. Thus, as she ended her appearances at the GA, Ms. Manning admitted that which she had for all these years, she, too, is a FOB!!



Anonymous said...

Addressing a session at the Israel and Overseas gathering/briefing she said something to the effect that she was happy and honored to be the head of the "twin engines that are driving JFNA and collective response." Is this a case of "the queen is dead long live the new queen?"

Anonymous said...

That wouldn't be up to her, now would it?

Anonymous said...

> #3 Sad…

Manning? She served as a volunteer. Problems with her tenure notwithstanding, we should thank her for her generosity and service and wish her the best.

Anonymous said...

checking out the hard drives of those suspected of "disloyalty."

What's that all about?????

And even if it is legal, it certainly does not sound ethical.

Anonymous said...

AM. Many companies have software for monitoring their email systems and document folders. Employee manuals typically state that the employer owns the systems and the employee should not expect privacy.

Anonymous said...

Can any present, or recently past, JFNA employee comment on what JFNA's employee manual says about privacy expectations in this regard?

Anonymous said...

It's part of JFNA employee manual, although as others said, many, many other companies do the same.