Thursday, May 24, 2012


~ TribeFest as The Caesaria Process???? In one of many papers distributed in connection with the Global Planning Table, JFNA wrote the following:

"Additionally, a variety of entities – JFNA’s National Young Leadership (offering many programs, including overseas missions, TribeFest, and others), the Wexner Fellowship program, CLAL, and, in the recent past, the Caesarea Process and Kol Dor – have developed interesting models for convening leaders from diverse locations.  Both locally-based and cross-boundary programs may be important ingredients in effective leadership development for the organized Jewish community." 

Yes, friends, Festivus has been elevated to one of the "interesting models for convening leaders from diverse locations." I do recall that some JFNA leader compared the Fest to Birthright, but this elevates that kind of stupidity to new heights and continues to bring shame to our national organization. Kal ha'kavod.

~ How Not to Complete the Journey. You may remember that the leaders of JFNA, who apparently don't know how to even ask an inanimate object -- like a federation -- for money, sent two letters (what they do best) to the federations asking for money (which they do often) to "Complete the Journey" of the remnant Falash Mura population from Ethiopia to Israel. The organization has been involved in Missions to Ethiopia and has written the Prime Minister -- a "strong letter" as I recall -- demanding that the Government of Israel expedite this aliyah. So, where do things stand? JFNA asked the federations $5.5 million in 2011; the Jewish Agency was assured that the funds would be forthcoming. The aliyah has been expedited thanks to JAFI's work in partnership with the Government. And the funding? Oh...that? Well, $1,000,000 has been received by the Agency from JFNA/UIA. JFNA has told JAFI that it has "pledges" from the federations in the amount of $3,000,000 -- no evidence, that's just what JFNA has stated. That $5.5 million ask? Don't ask.

Letter to follow.

~ Executive Recruitment.  I have been  hearing horror stories for months if not years about the professional leadership recruitment being done in the name of JFNA. Professional leaders being told "don't apply" as communities allegedly favor certain candidates; CEO searches on-going for up to two years, a third party consultant brought in and a hire takes place in weeks; the "same old, same old" names kicked around the Continent; and the like. Is all of this true? Any of it? What have been your communal experiences, if any?

~ Reply All.  You and 40 other people get an e-vite to a meeting. Why is it necessary to hit the "Reply All" key when responding? Do I care whether you will " there for the Cocktail Reception, Dinner and the Monday meeting?" Or whether you will " with (my) grandchildren?" Or, even, "can't make it?" NO. I love you but could you just tap "Reply" and go on your way, could you? Would you?


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Anonymous said...

Like Kol Dor, the GPT will soon be history. And maybe even JFNA too.