Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It was no doubt inevitable that the Global Planning Table "process" would go the way of all things JFNA, after all, it started that way. The missive below went out to the historic partners adding to the burden of responding to each and every inanity and blind alley down which the GPT is being led. It was sent to me from inside JFNA with the comment: "No one dares criticize the stupidity of this thing."

So, friends, here is the latest evidence of the truism of the maxim: "If you don't know where yo are going any road will get you there."

"During the April meeting, we had a productive discussion about possible Working Group topics. Leadership and Community Development were themes that came out of the discussions and will be defined broadly to include the following:

1.  Leadership Development – including young leadership
2.  Community Capacity Building – including physical and organizational infrastructure – professional development
3.  Philanthropic capacity building – including helping  the not-for-profit sector – promoting and improving the quality of philanthropy – building the ability to raise funds in general
4.  Promoting and facilitating volunteerism of all kinds – hands on and volunteer leadership – volunteering as Jews to help others
5.  Safety and security – preparedness, monitoring,  working on intergroup tensions, responding to violence and anti-Semitism, crisis management, rescue

To ensure that the Working Group has a clear understanding of the work our partners are already doing (or have done) in these areas, we would like to request additional information from you. As with the previous research summaries, we will integrate this information into a larger set of materials that describe the issues related to these areas of work.

We recognize we have not asked for information in this area before and have a tight turnaround, but any additional information you can provide this working group would be greatly appreciated.  We need to receive this no later than next Thursday, May 10.  As with all responses, please cc Karen Barth"

Karen Barth is the consultant to the GPT taking her orders from _____ _______.(Fill in blank yourself.) The recipient organizations were given five business days to respond. So the crucial work of the partners is to be set aside to respond to....this.

For the moment let's pretend that the Global Planning Table has a real purpose to it -- offering new and critical programmatic and funding options for meeting critical, vital needs in Israel and Overseas. If you understand the federations (oh yeah...them) needs (oh yeah...them) that would be met by 1, 2, 3 or 5 above, please clear up my confusion. The one-legged table that is the GPT is keeling over.




Anonymous said...

I am so glad we have senior vice president leading this effort full time. Tell me again what Karen Barth does, no, tell me again what Joanne Moore does, no Karen, no Joanne,.

I could understand this circus, if my federation, my JDC, or my JAFI had oh so much money to burn...

If the Federations don't reign in this nonsense it will be time for me and my checkbook to go away quietly. I have better things to do with my charitable dollars.

Anonymous said...

When I heard what JFNA was spending on the GPT, I already made my decision to tell my Federation that they will now receive 10% of last years pledge next year. I understand the need for overhead, but this is just a stupid, waste of my pledge. I won't support those who do this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of out of control...did you catch Daroff's tweets today?

Not a word about Panetta and the Obama Administration funding another $70 million for the Iron Shield anti-missile system, which Israel was grateful for.

But did he post the official statement from Obama on Donna Summer's passing.

And absolutely no comment from Daroff on the Senate Republicans who are blocking the Iran Sanctions bill that AIPAC has already endorsed. Not even when egged on to do so by the Florida Republican (sponsor of the resolution below) who is disgusted by her (Republican) colleagues' inaction in the Senate.

But somehow he does find time to castigate the Congressmen (even by name) who did not support the (Republican-sponsored) anti-Iran resolution in the House.

And of course no outrage from Daroff about L'Affaire Ricketts, which as you know has been quite the story in your hometown...

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Daroff's incessant tweeting and self promotion is an embarrassment to JFNA and himself. He comes across more like a 16 year-old than a senior executive. the fact that Jerry doesn't tell him to tone it down and tweet on his own time speaks volumes about his (lack of) management oversite.

we need serious, focused professionals leading our system, not acting like Justin Bieber or Breaking News.