Wednesday, May 25, 2011


In response to my Post in which I opined that the President did not deserve JFNA's warm (albeit hidden in a wave of words) support for his positions on Israel and the "peace process," I received an important Comment that began with the following: "Mr. Wexler your hatred of all things JFNA has gotten the better of you this time." And, while I find myself in agreement with all else this Anonymous Commentator wrote, I thought that this quoted conclusion required response:

How could I "...hate all things JFNA?" I helped to create it, with others I drafted its Vision and I understand its Mission. The structure of JFNA has within it my blood, sweat and tears and those of so many others, as well. What I do hate is what JFNA has become, the lack of purpose, the lack of priorities, the lack of leadership. And I admit to hating (although that's a pretty strong word) the frittering away of credibility on the narishkeit of personal vendettas and the pursuit of personal agendas at the expense of our system. And, yes, I do hate the reality that this leadership has totally abandoned the Mission conceived by the federations at the time of the merger -- that JFNA would be the place for the creation of greater resources for the federations and our partners while advocating for all.

I continue to see the potential for JFNA's greatness and strength and I will continue to strive with all of you to see JFNA emerge from the darkness to the light committed not just to "the brand" but to the federation agenda, not just to control but to involvement and engagement. But I admit that the current leadership appears incapable of this kind of achievement. With you I want a strong national system, one in which we can all take pride for all of its achievements. We are so far from those goals right now that they appear to be beyond our reach. But I, with you, will continue to strive for them even as I write this Blog in almost total frustration with the current leadership's aimless pursuits.

I have written of my love for the federation system and all that it has given to me and to my family over these past 38 years. It is not I who have abandoned it; it has abandoned me and so many of you, but, worse, it has abandoned the very system which sustains JFNA...and that is the ultimate irony and the ultimate tragedy.



Anonymous said...

Richard, I apologize for my rhetorical excesses. I should never have even given the appearance of questioning your motives, committment or good will, only your intellectual formulation. My lesson in all this is that sometimes one's desire to appear intelligent,witty and eloquent can get the better of a person. Even Presidents and Prime Ministers make that mistake.

The First Anon

RWEX said...

No problem, First Anon. Your Commenmt gave me the opportunity to try to make an important distinction.