Wednesday, May 18, 2011


If they weren't so consistently sad and misinformed, and, dare I add, often intentionally misleading, JFNA's frequent LEADERSHIP BRIEFINGS would be a source of constant amusement.

Thus, the one on April 4 -- EVOLVING STRATEGIES AT JFNA. Talking about "taking on several key new initiatives, the BRIEFING states: "...including the Israel Action Network, which is designed to help communities strategically advocate for Israel and to counter anti-Israel delegitimization efforts..." Of course the IAN was last year's federation-driven BDS effort -- the problem was that the federations failed in the main to financially support the effort and those which were have demanded that JFNA assume a more than substantial portion of the cost.

Then the BRIEFING cites "...the Secure Community Network, which provides real-time security monitoring and security support to communities..." as if the SCN were some new initiative. Begun during the period that Steve Hoffman served as JFNA CEO, this, too, is a federation-driven effort that gradually federations chose not to financially support. Again, the federations have demanded that JFNA assume a substantial portion of the cost. This, in JFNA-speak "evolution."

And, finally -- the laugh riot -- "...the Global Planning Table, which with our overseas partners aims to bolster funding and services for global Jewish needs." Why laughable? Follow along. The GPT "planning process" did not involve the "overseas partners" at all...not a whit. JFNA "leaders" intended to present JAFI/JDC with the usual, a fait accompli. Nowhere within the "GPT Plan" as presented at multiple regional "feedback" sessions was there a scintilla of evidence of how the GPT would "...bolster funding and services for Global Jewish needs." It's all smoke and mirrors. JFNA has no competency to accomplish these goals were they in fact the goals of the GPT.

JFNA is it just our cost and for our amusement. "Evolving?" Sure -- to what?


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