Thursday, February 24, 2011


I recently Posted about the sad and twisted promotion of JFNA's Heart to Heart Women's Mission (paraphrased "Pssst, come with us and you and only you can buy a beautiful necklace on the cheap...") Don't get me wrong, I applaud JFNA for increasing its Mission programming, just go about marketing national efforts in the right way, consistent with our values and core principles (if any remain).

On the eve of that Post, a FOB forwarded on an invitation for "major donors" to participate on a national High Tech Mission to Israel. Like the old shell game, JFNA has mastered the "now you see it, now you don't" of that con. Some of you may remember when JFNA initiated Blue Knot, a major effort to engage with leaders of North America's high tech entrepreneurs. Seeds were planted for three years, investments were made in the Silicon Valley, at High Tech Conventions, etc. And, then, about four years ago, JFNA just pulled the plug on Blue Knot, leaving the constituencies leaders high and dry. Now, a beautifully framed Mission to Israel is attempted -- one that could have built upon Blue Knot were it still in existence...but, it's not.

I would wager that the national Blue Knot investment over its three years didn't approach one year's investment in #ish.


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