Sunday, February 27, 2011


My slippery (or frozen) fingers published this twice -- I just forgot to include the substance. So...

The South Palm Beach lay leaders began a Search for a new CEO. And, only weeks...that's weeks, not months and not over a year...after parting ways with his predecessor, the Federation hired a seasoned fund raiser, one who served on an interim basis when his predecessor was unavailable at JFSPBC, Irv Geffen. Hired someone from the inside, with federation fund raising experience. OMG. Kal ha'kavod to the leadership of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County. And to you, Irv, as well. We are rooting for you and federation's success.

Just think, a federation's lay Board formed a Search Committee, did not hire JFNA Mandel, did not go to an outside headhunter, looked at its own professional staff and promoted one of its own. How retro, how 1980's, how marvelous....too marvelous for words. (Compare this with another Large City whose Chair appointed a Committee without any Board action to ratify the Chair's unilateral decision to extend a sitting CEO's term -- this in a community with an Annual Campaign incapable of supporting that Federation's historic commitments. Inasmuch as this community probably pays its national Dues, JFNA is...silent.)

So, remind the JFSBC lay leadership, we pay $10's of thousands in Dues for....what? #isht, TribeFest, the Daily Media Guide, Sheatufim, rebranding, delivering Yemeni Jews to Monsey, undisclosed overspending on the GA, an undisclosed $2,000,000 in unpaid Dues ...let me count the ways. And, then tell me it's not time for changes, a big changes.


And, just as an aside, as the JFSPBC lights this candle in the federation window, I just want the leaders of JFNA to know that that light you think you see at the end of the tunnel? That's a train rushing towards you.


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