Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A careful reader of the Blog, after reading the Looking for Places to Cut? Post yesterday, asked a simple question -- how much are we spending on Global Operations? Sorry I left that out. For 2009-2010 your federation and mine spent/is spending $4,142,000 for our Global Ops/Israel and Overseas. There are 16.3 FTEs in that important office...obviously quite busy. I am hoping against hope that the new lay and professional leadership will offer immediate lay and professional oversight and leadership to the current aimless wandering.

As an aside, if my numbers are wrong, correct me.



Anonymous said...

Ok, so what's the big deal? Sure the operational budget of this department is about as substantial as that of a large federation. But after all the Israeli economy has faired relatively better than other mature economies over the course of the recession and now we know why. Old fashioned stimulus spending on the part of JFNA.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't we have stimulated the Israeli economy equally as well, if not better, by giving most of that to JDC, JAFI or ORT to be used in Israel? Afterall some of the work of these organizations ultimately ends up in creating jobs which further stimulates the economy.

Anonymous said...

There is something a bit off with the numbers and the staffing or my guess is accounting codes at JFNA as to where expenses are assigned. If one divided the number of FTE's by $4.1 million that comes to over a quarter of a million per person. That's alot of rent, travel, programs and expenses on top of salaries!