Tuesday, May 5, 2009


As regular readers have come to expect, those within UJC, hiding behind "anonymity," regularly register their anger at this Blog with screams of "slander" and worse. Never...never...do they point to any examples whatsoever of anything libelous (or in their term "slanderous") that have appeared in these Posts. Because they can't. In over 200 Posts, when I have focused on the failed leadership that has brought United Jewish Communities to its institutional knees over the past 4 years, I have cited, each and every time, the facts that support my opinions. I have invited factual responses, even if the Commentators refuse to reveal their names -- tell me specifically where I have been wrong -- and, instead, what the Blog receives from UJC's "anonymous" respondents are screams of "slander" and worse.

I have printed the cries of pain from federation lay and professional leaders who have been attacked and insulted for raising legitimate questions, for having the temerity, in the view of a few, to dissent, to question. The anonymous response from UJC's few remaining defenders -- "slander." I have strongly suggested that UJC's failure to listen, failure to engage, failure to include and failure to comprehend the federations' concerns have brought it to the point where 1/3rd and more of the federations will not pay their 2010 Dues. The anonymous response from UJC's few remaining defenders -- "slander." I have offered constructive suggestions, from my experience and perspective, as to how to turn UJC around. The anonymous response from UJC's few remaining defenders -- "slander."

Trust that if I had written this Blog as some form of hagiography dedicated to UJC's "leaders," there wouldn't be a peep of protest. So, it is not the fact that that there is a Blog that drives UJC's leaders to misrepresent it, it is the fact that in this Blog I have peeked (and given you all a peek) under the black-out curtain that hides the Emperor's New Clothes from "view."

Some of UJC's cheer leaders object to the very idea of exposing a UJC gone wrong -- apparently, they would rather UJC go down in flames (as it is) than to try and steer the owners toward a corrective path. As those who read these Posts know, I hold those who know that the Emperor has no Clothes but refuse any acknowledgement of that reality equally culpable for UJC's current state of collapse. It is hard for me to comprehend those who believe that a leader's fiduciary obligation is to a transient leadership to the detriment of the institution on whose Board they serve and to whom their real allegiance is owed.

So, once again, I invite those who believe I have misrepresented any facts to write, over their own names as I have, and cite the specific factual areas I have made. See if you can do so without using (or misusing) the term "slander." If you can.


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