Thursday, May 21, 2009


There are some terrific websites and Blogs that merit your attention. Those relevant to federations and communal leaders include:

  • The Fundermentalist -- JTA's own Blog, written and compiled by reporter Jacob Berkman, often covers matters not found on the pages of JTA.
  • e-Jewish Philanthropy -- covers the waterfront of Jewish philanthropic issues with original editorial pieces and reportage as well as articles culled from the Israeli and Jewish press.
  • -- written by Atlantan Seth Cohen, it offers Cohen's often incisive perspective on a variety of Jewish and communal issues.

Nothing beats the periodic Dispatches From an Anxious State, Danny Gordis' superb insights from Israel. As an example, the most recent "Dispatch" -- For the Sake of Clarity...-- is a brilliant, sobering and devastating look at Israel-American relations at this, the onset of the Obama and Netanyahu Administrations. For more go to

I am certain that I am missing many. If you have some suggestions, drop me a note or Comment.


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