Friday, February 27, 2009


While in Jerusalem, where there was more than ample opportunity for UJC's leaders to role out their newest "plan" for JAFI (Note, not "with JAFI"), they chose instead to skulk about the hallways professing their "partnership" (you know, the Kanfer/Rieger kind of "partnership" -- you, our partner, do it our way or the highway) while plotting their own next step in the deconstruction of North American Jewry's historic place at the real "planning table" -- that of the true partnership of the Jewish People. Pushed aside at the Federation Leadership Institute from their goal, now denied, to supplant JAFI and JDC as exclusive partners as to federation core funding, Joe and the Joettes intend to do indirectly that which Chicago and Cleveland, New York and other federations denied them the ability to do directly -- tie JAFI's hands and then proclaim: "See, we told you that JAFI's days are over." Just how do they now plan to do so? Listen here:

Over the last two years, Kanfer, Rieger and Gelman, incredibly, have insisted dismissively (and, of course, in the shadows) that the federation leaders from around the United States who serve on the Boards of UIA and JAFI "don't represent the federations," and, therefore, must be by-passed in "directing" JAFI how to proceed, specifically how to budget. I exchanged correspondence on this very subject with Chairman Kanfer over one year ago when he raised questions about the UIA slate for JAFI as he deprecated the "qualifications" of some wonderful federation leaders. Here are Kanfer, from Akron, with his officers coming from from Greensboro, N.C., Chattanooga, North Shore Massachusetts, Delaware and, of course, D.C. claiming a greater relationship to and knowledge of the Federations of North America, than do the federation leaders from Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, St. Louis, Baltimore, Cleveland, New York City, Memphis, Detroit, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Houston, Nashville, Palm Beach and beyond, who serve on the Boards of UIA and JAFI. Yes, those UIA and JAFI Board members who have speaking privileges within and lead their federations know nothing about what their federations want -- only Kanfer and Rieger do.

And how did Joe and his tiny claque/clique learn what the JAFI and UIA leaders know or don't know? They just know, that's all. It's as simple as that. And, what do they plan to do with this "knowledge?" They want to vet the JAFI proposed Budget with 155 federations so they can direct UIA and JAFI Board members from the federations to vote against that Budget. (Arguably, when those federation leaders refuse, UJC will use their votes as a litmus test for continuing service on the JAFI Board.) What you can't accomplish directly, UJC will attempt to accomplish indirectly. Apparently, Kanfer and Rieger, as a closing "gift" to the Federations will attempt to mandate to UIA and JAFI American leaders that we vote against a budget the reductions leading to which can be laid directly at the feet of the failures of current UJC leadership. Instead of going to the federations with UJC's own Budget, which is driving one federation after another away from UJC membership, to debate that, Kanfer will use the magic of misdirection to distract federations from UJC's miserable failings. And, just who asked UJC to do so? N..O..B..O..D..Y. That's right, no one. And, fortunately only months remain.

Now, let them deny this is one of their firkachteh  "plans."(Just one, mind you.)


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