Thursday, July 10, 2008


In a Leadership Briefing yesterday, UJC trumpeted UJC Board Overwhelmingly Approves Move..., contrary to my Tipping Point? Post which asserted that UJC professionals were calling around the country trying to reverse "no" votes to gain the required majority. I speculated in my Post that UJC would be successful in its pursuit of the requisite majority for a very favorable deal; apparently they were. It should be noted that on the Board call, the Chair stated that the vote totals couldn't be announced until it was determined whether those who cast votes were eligible to do so. Then, as if by magic, but without any detail on the votes cast, abracadabra, it's "overwhelming." It's particularly unfortunate that those voting against the deal were able to be identified by name (I would have thought that in UJC's democracy, such a vote would have been a "secret ballot") given leadership's proclivity for stigmatizing those who oppose their "will." More's the pity.

It was also not unexpected, given my conclusion that the closeness of the vote reflected not a rejection of a real estate deal, but an expression of "no confidence" in how UJC is being run by these leaders, that they would assert that the so-called "overwhelming majority" (maybe the original tally was wrong) was an expression of support: "The Board's vote reinforces its confidence in UJC's future." Exactly as my Post predicted would be UJC's reaction.

Time will tell. We need UJC or, even better, a central address for the North American federation system that reflects and embodies the federations' will and vision for it. All of us must work toward that goal...and, we will, in new space with leaders who share our passion and our dreams.

See you Downtown, soon.


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