Friday, July 11, 2008


When I began this Blog, I committed to admit when I was wrong. Well. with an announced 75-1 vote in favor of the UJC relocation to 25 Broadway, i was far off the mark in asserting that the closeness of the vote and UJC's efforts to change votes were evidence that ownership had reached the Tipping Point in the federations relationship with UJC under the current leadership. My apologies -- I was far, far off the mark.

UJC leaders will have to detremine if the participation of only 60% of its Trustees in an emergency meeting called with repeated reminders of the importance of attendance is satisfactory and an endorsement.

While I know they can neither tolerate nor accept criticism, my hope is that those in leadership to whom this apology is addressed can accept this apology.

Shabbat shalom.



fromwhereisat said...

The referee needs to throw in the towel on your blogging, buddy.

Your anger and pride have gotten the best of you and your tirades/posts have become, well... embarrasing.

It's very simple, Richard. None of your former mega-donor "friends," much less any professional leaders at UJC or around the country wanna play with you anymore.

My suggestion? Stop the nonsense that is this blog and your other charade at

and find something constructive to do! There is a world of suffering that you have the power to impact. I'm sure that you can discover other volunteer driven, (Jewish) social welfare organizations where someday soon you can play King again.

But this ain't the way, brother.

it's ugly.
it's destructive.

and it's demeaning.

RWEX said...

Sigh. As I suggested in my Apology Post, we would soon see whether UJC leaders could reject an apology in the same manner as they reject criticism. The answer was immediately forthcoming, wasn't it?

You can read other Comments of this ilk from this correspondent on and you can pretty much guess who is writing thesesnippets of screed and hiding behind a fake name.


fromwhereisat said...



It may suit your pathological/meglomaniacal mind-set to think so, but it just ain't true.

I'm just who I claimed to be on an earlier post to your other blog:

www.disunitedujc.blogspot. come

a *real*, former, low-to-mid level staffer at UJC who thinks that you and your blatantly obvious, invented alter-ego at disunitedujc are full of crap.

Although, I must say, I am flattered by your accusation of organizational power on my part, I must also admit that you and I have never met in person.

As I commented earlier, my best advice to you would be to give up your UJC ghost, find some new friends to play with and quit digging yourself a deeper and deeper hole of humiliation and shame.

P.S. I really like how you worked in the plug for your other website!

Keep up the good work fooling nobody, Wexler.

Danny said...

fromwhereisat: other than your comments about spacing, times of posting, care to provide any concrete link that disunited is Richard's work.

your response to israsource at yahoo dot com will be kept in confidence; I am neither a friend or acquaintance of Richard's; nor an employee of any UJC or Federation.

RWEX said...

The published Comments of fromwhereisat would certainly make his family and friends very proud. Give us your na,e and we will get you the help you so obviously need.

Danny said...

fromwhereisat; obviously all talk and unable to back up his / her negativity towards Richard with anything concrete

fromwhereisat said...

Sorry, Danny, I've been out of town and I didn't get a chance to respond to your comment.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to give any information about the sources of the claims I've made about Richards involvement in disunitedujc.

let's just say, that loose lips sink ships and the obvious doesn't need to be pointed out

but, let's give the following a try.


Will you explicitly swear on the health of your wife and children that you have never had ANY involvement with disunitedujc?

If so, I'll take your word for it and ignore the rumors to the contrary.