Thursday, April 17, 2008


After years of experience (and experiences) with United Jewish Communities, I have come to learn that phrases used by its leadership often have a different meaning than you and I might understand from normal usage. Because many of you have not yet engaged with these leaders, this Lexicon is provided gratis to ease your understanding...or not.

  • "Coordinate" -- means "control" as in "We want to coordinate you."

  • "Heads up" -- means 1) telling you only what we think you need to know or 2) "we are doing this so shut-up and get out of our way."

  • "Consult" -- 1) see "coordinate" as in "We want to consult you" or 2) see "Heads up."

  • "Seamless Alignment" -- 1) our way of controlling everything or 2) means nothing.

  • "We'll get back to you" -- 1) Means nothing or 2) maybe they'll forget they asked

  • "We want you on our team" -- 1) see "Heads Up" or 2) means nothing.

  • "You will have leadership's total support" -- means 1) you won't or 2) that is until you object to something we want to do or have done without telling you or 3) means nothing

  • "We want to collaborate with you" -- are you kidding me? See "control" above.

  • "Tear down the silos" -- means "we want to build our own; we don't like yours."

  • "We welcome criticism" -- 1) just not mine or 2) yours or 3) if you believe this to be true, I have some condominium units in Florida to sell you.

Add your own.


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